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Today is day 12 of the Blog tour for a New spin on Drunkard’s Path – it has been great to see what people are saying about the book and about their own projects that they created. Check at the end of this post for a complete list of the blog tour participants and head on over to their blogs and enter to win a copy of the book and a set of templates!

A new spin on Drunkard's Path - John Kubiniec of Big Rig Quilting


I thought I would give you a look behind the covers to see what is inside The book has 12 projects ranging from a wall-hanging size quilt (the cover quilt) to quilts for queen size beds.  There are also a variety of throw size quilts in the book.



I wanted to make sure that even someone starting out in quilting can find the resources they need to make these quilts
So, for those who might not want to purchase commercial templates there are patterns for templates in the back of the book AND instructions on how to create your own from template plastic


I think that photos demonstrating the various techniques are helpful – so the beginning of the book has detailed photos on various topics.

Sewing curves



Cutting and Sewing the Variations


Rest assured there are more pictures detailing the other steps – hey  I can’t give everything away, I want you to check it out for yourself in YOUR own copy of the book.

For each project there is a great full-shot of the quilt I made for the book. If certain fabrics were used those are noted.  I tried to use fabrics  that are drawn from lines that are printed from year to year.  Many are solids or tonals, so it will be easy to find colors that work from various companies


I also realize that not everyone might like the exact colors I have used, so for each quilt I have given two different options. Sometimes it is a different color selection, sometimes it might be a suggestion of using one of the other variations, other times it might be showing how it might look in a different size.a-new-spin-variations


Finally – there are detailed piecing diagrams that walk you through making the blocks. Step-by-step, including seam pressing suggestions so that all your seams will nest!!


Yep – there is a lot packed into this book.

Now the good part – the give-away!

US residents will receive a hard copy of the book, International winners will receive an electronic copy.  All winners will receive a set of Marti Michell Large Drunkard’s Path templates (they are used for all the quilts in the book) and since it is the last day of the tour and it’s my book – I am going to also throw in a set of Marti Michell Small Drunkard’s Path Templates!!!!

You have a few ways to win!

  1.  Leave a comment below – Answer the question: When you buy a quilting book – what is it that you look for? What makes you say “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS”!
  2. Want another chance to win? – Click here and sign-up for my newsletter!

AND – don’t forget to visit the other bloggers on the tour and enter to win a copy of the book and a set of templates from their sites!

Head on over to Patrick Lose’s site to see what he has to say today! (He is throwing in some fabric to the give away!

October 7, 2016
 Patrick Lose http://www.patricklose.com

Make sure to visit the earlier blog posters and YES – you can still enter to win on their blog! Winners will be chosen this weekend!!


  • The first thing I look for when buying a book is if I can learn a new technique, the second is that there are patterns I’d like to make. I have done some curves-and they aren’t that hard! I love your patterns-especially nightfall. If I win your book, I’ll ask you to sign it when your come to our guild meeting in May-Brownstone Quilters Guild!

  • There must be something unique, something that I haven’t seen or thought of before, such as your Shaken Not Stirred variation.

  • I think color is what catches my eye, but what makes me actually purchase the book is if it teaches me a new technique that I haven’t tried before. So this looks perfect!! Curves intimidate me.

  • I look for lots of pictured instructions, variations that can be made from the same strips or pieces, and artistic originality. I don’t like plain squares or triangles or rectangles. I want a design that has some movement and looks like a piece of art. I absolutely LOVE the drunkards path for that ability to be a simple shape but with complex connections and movement that make the overall pattern feel like an optical illusion. Great work and I really hope I win a copy but will be putting it on my Christmas list for sure if I don’t!

  • I leaf thru a new book and decide if I’ll make at least two of the quilts featured in the book. I also check the instructions to see if they are easy to follow because even the most beautiful quilt isn’t going to get made if the directions are unclear and not easy to follow. Rina

  • Color pictures, good quality paper and black ink on white pages — I know that sounds strange but as I get older it gets more difficult to focus on small print. Can’t wait to try curved piecing!

  • I have to love at least half of the quilts in a book and would want to make them. I also look for exciting color choices. Your book has both – plus, I LOVE drunkard’s path, so I’ve been drooling over your book ever since I saw that cover!

  • I look for a unique spin, new technique or different interpretation of a traditional pattern. I appreciate good photos and alternate colorways of the patterns. A little personality is great too!

  • I look for something new and different in a book – like a new technique – and there has to be at least two quilts I want to make. There are several I want to make in your book! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • I have a 2 quilt pattern minimum. That means there have to be at least 2 quilts in the book I want to make or there has to be a lot of useful information or ideas I didn’t know before and I want to learn. Your book definitely meets that that for me. The 2 quilt is basically the cost of 2 patterns in my mind. Of course the beauty and the easy writing helps a lot. Great book John and congratulations.

  • I like books that are clear in the directions with lots of pictures. I also like it when there are alternate sizes or color ways.

  • I buy when I see a new technique I’d like to try. I like lots a descriptive pictures and ideas for using different color combos. I have always wanted to make Drunkards path quilts because of all the design possibilities. It would be fun to try to make a modern look quilt with those templates.
    Thanks for giveaway.
    djcutting2 at gmail dot com

  • Most of the books I buy now a days are for our state quilt guild, since I’m the librarian. Your book is definitely one I would consider. I prefer to get books that are technique oriented rather than strictly patterns, so people can “spread their wings” a bit. I also buy Memorial books when a member passes away. When selecting those, I try to find something that represents that person’s taste in quilting–lots of applique gurus seem to be passing on right now…

  • I look for a variety of patterns that I could make from the book’s technique. Colorful photos, and a rating scale on how easy/hard the patterns are is good too!

  • I like books with great photography, I love patterns that have quilting examples ( I hate the phrase quilt as desired), I like clear pattern illustrations large enough to read (no tiny stuff please) and I like humor – yup throw in a wise crack or insigh or two – makes it more fun!!

    • Allison – Congratulations you are the winner in the blog tour. Can you please email me the following information to the following address: info@bigrigquilting.com

      Full Name
      Street/Mailing Address

      I will add your information to the list of all the winners and send it to C&T Publications. They will then ship the book and templates to you. I need to hear back from you by this Friday (October 14) – if I don’t then I will pull another winner.

      All the best

      John Kubiniec

  • I buy quilt books that have something new and different, ones that have multiple quilts that I want to make, and ones that are simply for pure inspiration on making my own quilts. Yours looks fabulous, and I’m hoping I win, otherwise I will definitely be buying it! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

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