This is some basic information regarding the various formats I offer. Please keep in mind that these can be tailored to your guild or store.


Lecture-Trunk Show: 60-90 minute presentation with using Keynote (MAC) and a trunk show of quilts.

Lecture/Demo: 60-90 Minutes presentation made with the use of Keynote (MAC), previously recorded, and possibly live video.

I will provide the computer and projector. You provide a wall /screen for projection. We can use your projector or monitor if it can accommodate an HDMI input cable.

There is no maximum number of participants for Lectures/Trunk Shows or Lecture-Demos.

Hands-On Workshop: Students work on their own sewing machines or in pairs on longarm machines.

Hands-On workshops are expanded versions of the 90-minute lecture/demo format.

For workshops on domestic sewing machines there is a maximum of 25 students.

For Longarm (Frame or Sit-down) ONLY TWO people per machine head.

Create a daylong event

Consider grouping Lectures-Trunk Show and/or Lecture-Demos together to create an all day event.

Three 90-minute presentations with time for lunch and breaks would create a well-rounded day.


(Contact me for fees and travel rates for venues within a 150 mile travel distance of Rochester, NY)

Lecture/Trunk Show: (60-90 min)
2018: $450, $425 if combined with a workshop.

Full-Day Event: (6 hours)
2018: $650, $625 if combined with a talk or second day of workshops.

Half- Day Event: (3 hours) 
2018:  $425 – must be in combination with a Lecture or Lecture/Demo

Contact me for fee information regarding a multi-guild or multi-store event.


Round-trip airfare from Rochester, NY and ground transportation while at venue. I will drive to an event if it is 5-6 hours from Rochester, NY. Mileage according to government rates at time of presentation from Rochester, NY to venue and back.

Hotel lodging and meals.

All meals during workshop visit. Extra night(s) lodging might be needed depending on the time the workshops start/finish and travel arrangements.

Additional Fees:

Shipping or Baggage fees might be applicable for trunk shows if I am flying.


Cancellation Policy

If cancelled at least 3 months before the engagement: no cancellation fee.

If cancelled 3 months – 6 weeks before the engagement: 50% of the agreed fee is payable.

Less than 6 weeks: entire engagement fee and any travel expenses that have been incurred.

Cancellation due to weather, natural disaster, or other extreme circumstances: no cancellation fee.

A more detailed contract will be made available when the lecture and/or workshop is formally arranged

I am always interested in presenting a talk or workshop to groups.

Please contact me with your request.